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CDC25B is required for the metaphase I-metaphase II transition in mouse oocytes
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CHK1-CDC25A-CDK1 regulate cell cycle progression in early mouse embryos to protect genome integrity
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Using ZINC08918027 inhibitor to determine Aurora kinase-chromosomal passenger complex isoforms in mouse oocytes
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Aurora kinase A is essential for meiosis in mouse oocytes
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Genetic insights into biological mechanisms governing human ovarian ageing
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RanGTP and importin beta regulate meiosis I spindle assembly and function in mouse oocytes
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The most abundant maternal lncRNA Sirena1 acts post-transcriptionally and impacts mitochondrial distribution
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Triple-Color Live Imaging of Mouse Oocytes
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Genetic Interactions between the Aurora Kinases Reveal New Requirements for AURKB and AURKC during Oocyte Meiosis
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Haspin kinase regulates microtubule-organizing center clustering and stability through Aurora kinase C in mouse oocytes
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PLK1 regulates spindle formation kinetics and APC/C activation in mouse zygote
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Aurora kinase A is essential for correct chromosome segregation in mouse zygote
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DNA damage response during mouse oocyte maturation
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Multiple requirements of PLK1 during mouse oocyte maturation
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An oocyte-specific ELAVL2 isoform is a translational repressor ablated from meiotically competent antral oocytes
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Polo-like kinase 1 is essential for the first mitotic division in the mouse embryo
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