Head of department:

Matalová Eva, prof. RNDr., Ph.D.

Phone: +420 532 290 155
Department: Laboratory of Odontogenesis and Osteogenesis
Building: Brno/

Department activity:

The Laboratory of Odontogenesis and Osteogenesis primarily focuses on molecular and cellular aspects of the tooth and bone development, homeostasis and possible reparation and regeneration.

The research on odontogenesis deals with tooth germ formation, cell differentiation and extracellular matrix production (ameloblasts/enamel, odontoblasts/dentin), innervation and vascularization of dental pulp, periodontal apparatus, particularly ligaments and also with the alveolar bone.

One of the research fields aims a 3D display of crown and root morphogenesis during tooth anchorage in the jaw forming functional dentition. Simultaneously, candidate molecules and signalling pathways participating in spatial determination of the tooth and bone during the tooth growth and bone remodelling are followed. Attention is paid also to in vivo characterisation of stem cells.


The research on osteogenesis covers intramembranous as well as endochondral bones. Intramembranous ossification is typical for the craniofacial skeleton with specialization of the investigation on the mandibular and alveolar bone. Endochondral ossification is examined in the model of limb long bones. In vivo, ex vivo i in vitro analyses are applied with emphasis on extrapolations into tissue and organ context.

Specific domain of the Laboratory are cystein proteases (caspases) and their novel functions in odontogenic and osteogenic processes. The research includes elucidation of mechanisms mediating their effect, particularly related to diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

Laboratory of Odontogenesis and Osteogenesis