Head of department:

Krejčí Pavel, Mgr. PhD.

Phone: +420 549 495 395
Department: Laboratory of Cell Signaling
Building: Brno/

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The cell ability to send, receive and integrate external signals is one of the defining features of multicellular organisms. Hundreds of cell-to-cell communication systems evolved, shaping the embryo in development, regulating postnatal growth, and maintaining homeostasis during life. Many such communications are mediated by polypeptide ligands, which bind and activate their cognate receptors at the cell surface. Krejci lab focuses on one class of these ligand-receptor systems, which use growth factors as ligands and receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) as the transmembrane receptors. Our research aims to answer questions related to many aspects of RTK signaling, ranging from molecular and cellular biology of RTK function to development preclinical testing of RTK inhibitors.

Fig4BIn our public service, we explore the biology of primary cilia in cells, and determine how defects in ciliary function lead to lethal skeletal conditions in humans. Krejci lab also operates the first registry of patients suffering from achondroplasia (a severe dwarfism caused by activating mutations in FGFR3 receptor tyrosine kinase) in the Czech Republic ( Finding cure for achondroplasia is one of the major goals of our research.


Laboratory of Cell Signaling