Our student from Open Science CAS was accepted to Cambridge

Our student from Open Science CAS was accepted to Cambridge

16. 09. 2016

Student of Open Science CAS Alzbeta R. was accepted to the second oldest university in the UK, University of Cambridge. She will study Natural Science.

"I was always sorry that I had learned only theoretically about a lot of biological laboratory procedures. Recently, I became interested in bioinformatics, so the internship called Analysis of microbial digestive tract of animals by means of molecular biological methods led by Ing. Jakub Mrázka, Ph.D. seemed like an ideal opportunity." said she about her way to science.

"The past months at the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic certainly did not disappoint my expectations. During the internship I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest methods used in molecular genetics. I myself tried to do lab work, such as DNA isolation or gene amplification, I was able to follow the different methods used for sequencing, and also participated in the bioinformatics analysis of the obtained data. All this under the excellent leadership of Jakub, who was always willing to answer any questions. "

Alžběta is convinced that her internship experience will help her in the upcoming study at the University of Cambridge: "It's amazing to have a chance to get acquainted with professional environments, techniques, devices, and have at least a partial insight into the job of a scientist, whom she wants to become, before going to college."

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