Kopečný Jan, Ing.,DrSc.

Profession:Director (Research Scientist)
Telephone: +420 267 090 502
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Department: Laboratory of Anaerobic Microbiology
Building: Praha-Krč/39
Institutional service phone: 12

Curriculum vitae:


1970 - 1975

Dipl. Ing., Biochemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Stability of lysosomes in meat post?mortem, supervisor: prof. ing. Jan Káš, DrSc


1977 - 1981

CSc., Biochemistry,  (eq. PhD), Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences,  In vitro incubation of rumen microbes,    supervisor: ing. Stanislav Bartoš, DrSc.


1985 - 1997

DSc., Microbiology, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Microbial Feed degradation in the Rumen.



Senior Scientific Officer



Head of Laboratory of Anaerobic Microbiology


My studies started with rumen proteolytic, amylolytic and cellulolytic microbes and their hydrolytic enzyme production. Following years I was dealing with rumen microbes adhesion to feed particles. We introduced methods for anaerobic microbiology and developed probiotics for in vivo testing. Then we moved to biochemistry of rumen bacterium Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens and rumen fungi and interactions of rumen microbes in vitro and in vivo. It led to the development of enzymatic method for estimation of protein degradation in the rumen and feed digestibility for ruminants. I took a part in transformation of anaerobes. I was able with a shuttle vector with fluoroacetate dehalogenase to transform a many Pseudobutyrivibrio isolates. Transformation of undescribed isolates directed me to taxonomy of butyrate-producing bacteria and description of two new species: Butyrivibrio hungatei, Pseudobutyrivibrio xylanivorans. I was involved in description of Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus, later on.

Knowledge of butyrate-producing bacteria helped me to map changed microbiome in patients with the human bowel diseases: we described the effect of Inflammation Bowel Disease and Celiac Disease and we able to show the importance of probiotic treatment. It was possible to describe Bifidobacteria gut colonization in newborns, calves as well as in social insect digestive tract.

In last decade, we have detected presence of bifidobacteria in most vertebrates and many insect species. In frame of this, we described new bifidobacteria in the gut of bumblebees: Bifidobacterium bombi, B. bohemicum and B. actinicoloniformis and a new genus Bombiscardovia (Bombiscardovia coagulans).



Biotechnology Society of CR                      


Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology


Czech Society for biochemistry and Molecular biology  


American Society for Microbiology


Czech Society for Immunology


Bioprospect, Editorial Board,                                          


Folia Microbiologica, Editorial Board,


Journal of Nutritional Ecology and Food Research, Editorial Board,


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Kopečný J., 
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