prof. RNDr. Miloš Macholán, CSc.

Curriculum vitae

2008-now Professor of Zoology, MU Brno
2005-now senior researcher and head of the Laboratory of Mammalian Evolutionary Genetics
2003 Associated Professor, Masaryk University in Brno, Systematic zoology and Ecology
1997-2001 head of Laboratory of Genetics and Embryology, IAPG CAS
1993-2005 researcher, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, CAS
1988-1993 Ph.D. at the Institute of Systematic and Ecological Biology of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
1983-1988 Masaryk University (previously J.E. Purkyne University) in Brno, general biology


Major scientific interests

  • Genetic and phenetic variation and systematics of small mammals
  • evolution of the genus Mus
  • hybridization and speciation in house mice


Fellowships, prizes

2007 Purkyně Award (best article, journal Živa)
2002 Otto Wichterle Award for Young Scientists (CAS)
1997 Kumpošt Award (best article, journal Vesmír)
1988 Dean’s Award (Masaryk University)


Membership in academic councils and editorial boards

  • Society of Systematic Biologists (member)
  • Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (member)
  • European Society for Evolutionary Biology (member)


Research fellowships and study visits

1993 Universita Roma II „Tor Vergata“, Italy
1992 University of Lausanne, Switzerland
1990 IEMEŽ, RAS, Moscow



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